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HomeCon 2017 T-shirts Posted:

The ‘dile would like to Introduce our Homecon 2017 t-shirt, drawn by the wonderful Hanazawa! They are up and available for purchase on Teepublic and Redbubble!

T-shirts on our Teepublic store are $14 until Oct 13th! Previous year t-shirts, general Tigerdile shirts and other items like mugs, stickers, etc are also on sale! The 2017 design comes in two versions, with HomeCon text and without text. Get them before they go back up to regular price!

Be sure to go check out Hanazawa!

Why Flashless Streaming Sucks Posted:

Warning – the following article is pretty technical. You should probably skip it if you’re not interested in the ins-and-outs of video streaming! (more…)

Help with Flash Posted:

Hey guys!

I’ve written a page to help people with Flash problems.  You can check it out here!

I will be adding a link to this page on the stream pages.  We are currently working on a solution to the Flash problem, but I’ll be honest with you guys — its a year out, and is a lot of work for one guy.  So I’ve got to find a way to keep things going in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience and support!

– The Tigerdile Staff

Thanks to Temrin! Posted:

Hey there everyone;

Just giving a shout-out to Temrin! She’s been our social-media-helper and major driving force behind HomeCon for quite awhile now. We’ve made her a full admin in appreciation for her work, as for quite awhile she’s been doing adminly things without much of an official status.

If you’d like to join us in appreciating Temrin, please consider commissioning her. She also does web design work, and is the designer behind Swaggerdile, so consider her for your various artistic and design projects :)

Thanks again, Temrin! :)
– The Tigerdile Admins

HomeCon is Upon Us! Posted:

Hello everyone!

HomeCon is now upon us!  Please note that I will be turning on some features to help keep track of HomeCon events.  The Stream Listing page will have something at the top announcing our HomeCon panels, and we will announce them over the chat.

This year, we’re doing a color palette challenge!  Participate and you can get free months of Tigerdile OR free books from Jarlidium Press!  Check out the HomeCon Page for details, and here’s our color palette:

Old User Purge Posted:

Hey guys;


After HomeCon, we’re going to do an old user purge.  Anyone who hasn’t viewed a stream in the past year will have their account deleted.  We have about 23,000 registered users but the majority of those are actually spam bot attacks.  These spam users actually put a tax on the system and cause some problems here and there.


Plus, we’ve probably got some people who registered early on and never came back.  Its good to free up user names for other people.


We will probably not delete any streamers even if they are over a year idle.  And certainly, if you (or your friend’s) account gets deleted, you are welcome to re-make it.  Registration is free and easy.  Chances are, if you’re reading this message, you won’t be impacted!


-The Tigerdile Admins

Gaming for Kitties Posted:

Hi guys!

Each year, Genesis Whitmore does a charity event where she plays video games nonstop for 48 hours.  She streams this on Tigerdile, and its a big and fun event.  Gen’s game streams are pretty fun to watch even if you’re not usually in to watching folks playing video games, I highly recommend it.

This is going on October 29th – October 30th, and the details are here:

Its a good cause, and one that Tigerdile donates to, so please pitch in if you can! :)

-The Tigerdile Admins

Jarlidium HomeCon Prizes! Posted:

Hello everyone;


I’ve got some awesome news.  One of the finest publishers of furry things, Jarlidium, has offered raffle prizes for the upcoming HomeCon!  Please see our HomeCon page for full details about our raffle!


The prize being offered at the three books in the Endtown Series by Aaron Neatherly.  Check out Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3!  This $76 value will go to one lucky winner, and ships anywhere in the world.


Please also check out Jarlidium’s other offerings, and consider using them to publish your own materials in the future.  They’re great guys to work with!


HomeCon runs November 12 – 13th.  Hope to see you there!

-The Tigerdile Admins

HomeCon’s Coming Soon! Posted:

Hi everyone!


Just an announcement that HomeCon 2016 is coming up!  It will run November 12 – 13th.  Our theme this year is the Color Palette Challenge!  We will have different color themes throughout the con, which you guys are welcome to use or not as usual with HomeCon themes.


We’re also accepting panel submissions and soon we’ll be taking submissions for the HomeCon T-Shirt!  If you’re curious about any of this, we’ve got more information on our HomeCon page!


Thanks, and we hope you all enjoy it!


-The Tigerdile Admins

State of the ‘Dile Posted:

Hi everyone;


So I wanted to put together a little note about where we are and where we’re going with Tigerdile and Swaggerdile.


First off — there WILL be a Fall HomeCon.  We’re looking at November 12 – 13.  Mark your calendars!


Secondly — Swaggerdile has been released and it’s already been pretty successful.  If you don’t know what it is, Swaggerdile is our Furry-specific Patreon alternative.  If you’d like to receive money in a manner similar to Patreon, with better protection and easier file management, then give us a try:


And now, the interesting stuff — what’s next?