Your first 30 days of streaming are free! No need to pay up front!

It's $5 / month (10 viewers at a time) or $15 / month (unlimited viewers) after your free unlimited viewer trial.

Getting Started!

Tigerdile romanceTigerdile loves artists! Streaming on this site is a great way to get noticed, because visitors to this site are specifically looking to watch artists. We also have few content restrictions — read our restrictions here before getting started!

Here’s the process! Each link opens in a new window/tab to help you keep your place.

  1. Register! Registering is free. You’ll get an email with a password — don’t worry, you can change it later. Remember to check your spam if you don’t get it right away!
  2. Login! The rest of the steps require you to be logged in.
  3. Request approval! We don’t make value judgements on your art — anyone can stream! We just want to say hi first and make sure you understand the rules, and have all the help you need.
  4. Set Up Your Stream Once you get the email indicating you’re approved, come on back and set up your stream! Here’s the important notes:

    • Your STREAM NAME is what will show up on the stream list!
    • Your STREAM PASSWORD is something you will need to stream! We recommend a simple password — we cannot encrypt it, so don’t use your bank password here please!
    • Your STREAM URL is basically your stream URL for tigerdile. If you picked “sparkledog”, people would go to this URL to get to your stream:
    • The rest you can ignore for now, or read about them on the page.
  5. You will need to install some software on your computer. We’ve got instructions based on what kind of computer you use! It currently works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all, please contact support! There’s a link in the header labeled Support which will take you to a form to email us. We’ll respond really quick!